Steroids Cycles

- 8 - 12 Week Programmes - Beginners to Pro Level


If you are thinking of buying a

Steroids Cycle

and not too sure where to start, then you can save time and money by purchasing easily in one go at a discounted rate. Below you will see a selection of 8-12 week Cycles which include Post Cycle Therapy so you need not worry about anything else.



For the absolute beginner then choose Stage 1 unless you are farmiliar with Steroids then you could skip this and go straight to Stage 2.


**Beginners Oral Cycle (Level 1)**

2x Dianabol, 1x Nolvadex


**Beginners Oral Cycle (Level 2)**

2x Dianabol, 1x Winstrol, 1x Anadrol, 1x Milk thistle, 1x Nolvadex


**Beginners Injectable and Oral Cycle (Level 1):**

1x Cypionate, 2x Dianabol, 1x Nolvadex, 1x Clomid


**Beginners Injectable and Oral Cycle (Level 2): **

2 x Testosterone Cypionate, 1x Trenbolone Acetate, 2x Dianabol, 1x HCG,1x Nolvadex, 1x Clomid



** Intermediate Oral Strength Cutting and Size Cycle (Level 1)** Fantastic Gains

3x Dianabol, 2x Winstrol 50, 1x LGD Complete, 1x Tudca, 2x Milk Thistle and 1x Nolvadex


**Intermediate Injectable Steroids Cycle (Level 1) ** Good size and strength Gains

2x Test Blend, 1x TTM, 1x Trenbolone Acetate, 1x Testosterone Enanthate, 1x Masteron, 2x Dianabol, 1x HCG and 1x Nolvadex


**Intermediate Injectable Steroids Cycle (Level 2) Intense** Massive Size and Strength Gains

3x Test Propionate, 3x Deca Durabolin, 1x TTM, 1x Trenbolone Acetate, PCT: 2x HCG, 1x Nolvadex, 1x Clomid, 1x GW Stamina, 1x Ostarine, 1x Arimi Max, 1x On-Cycle-Support



**Anavar Beginners Weight Loss Cycle (Starter Level 1)**

2x Anavar, 1x Nolvadex


**Oral Weight Loss, & Strength Cycle (Shreding Level 2)**

1x Clenbuterol, 2x Dianabol, 1x Anavar, 1,Winstrol, 1x Nolvadex


**Oral Fat Burning, Weight Loss, Cutting & Strength Cycle (Intense Level 3)**

1x Clenbuterol, 2x Anavar 50mg, 2x Winstrol 50mg, 2x Milk Thistle, 1x Clomid


**Injectable Oral Weight Loss & Strength Cycle (Burning Level 1) **

3x TTM, 1x Clenbuterol, 1x Dianabol, 2x Anavar, 1,Winstrol, 1x Nolvadex, 1x Clomid


Cutting and Strength cycle



Cutting and Strength Cycle (Level 1)

** (NEW)

2x TTM, 1x Winstrol, 1x Anavar, 1x Proviron, 1x Nolvadex



Advanced Cutting and Strength Cycle (Level 2)

** (NEW)

3x TTM, 3x Testosterone Propionate, 1x Trenbolone Enanthate, 1x Masteron, 1x Winstrol, 1x Anavar, 1x HCG, 1x Nolvadex, 1x Clomid



Advanced Cycles will be added shortly.


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